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The original vehicle 1.

The vehicle 1.

The vehicle 2.

The vehicle 3.

The vehicle is a 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III.  Fully restored from having sat unused on a driveway since 1979, the vehicle (or Ole Blue as she became known) became fully road legal again in December 2005 ready for the launch of the Reliant Regal restoration book that features her rebuild.

The Internet & book restoration.

The whole restoration of Ole Blue is now featured in the How to restore Reliant Regal book published by Veloce Publishing.  Whilst the book offers an instructional guide to restoring Reliant Regals the restoration below is a personal diary of Ole Blue’s restoration.  Therefore the book and account below both offer information that compliments each other.

Ole Blue in Regal Close. When the original Reliant buildings in Tamworth were torn down in 1998 a new housing estate was created with all the roads named after Reliant vehicles.

The restoration of “Ole Blue” (UWX 875L).

Ever since the models were produced in September 2002 I had been looking for a Reliant Regal Supervan III to build my own “real” full sized model.  Due to the success of the BBC series “Only Fools and Horses” Reliant Regal Supervans have a good market price and most that are sold end up being painted yellow with the words “Trotters Independent Traders” across the back.  I am the odd one out however, I wanted one to paint blue and to carry the logo as my models do.

After many months of looking I suddenly came across one thanks to John at Carwise Reliant Spares in January 2004 who found me a vehicle for sale. As a proud owner of a 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III the project to turn it into a real model ensued and was finally completed in June 2005. The Regal I have needed totally restoring from the ground up and whilst a total restore was something I never really planned to do, it was seriously great fun. I hope by publishing this restoration it may help other folks who are thinking of taking on a similar project themselves.

Sadly Ole Blue was totally destroyed when she burst into flames in May 2008.

The restoration and final days of Ole Blue.

1. January 2004

5. May 2004

9. September 2004

13. January 2005

17. May 2005

21. December 2007

MOT’d & Taxed.

2. February 2004

6. June 2004

10. October 2004

14. February 2005

18. June 2005

22. May 2008

Destroyed by Fire.

Ole Blue 1972 - 2008.

Video Clips of Ole Blue in action can be seen on YouTube.  Click the YouTube image to access the videos.

3. March 2004

7. July 2004

11. November 2004

15. March 2005

19. December 2005

MOT’d & Taxed.

23. June 2008


4. April 2004

8. August 2004

12. December 2004

16. April 2005

20. December 2006

MOT’d & Taxed.