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Various articles on 3-wheelers

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An article by Elvis Presley that mentions the 3-wheelers he owned.

The Morgan 3-wheeler is back



Morgan plan to start making an updated version of the famous 3-wheeler in 2011

The restoration of my brother’s 1935 Reliant 7cwt van.

Aptera to Start Production in October 2009


Space Efficient Vehicle

An article on the Apteara.

One of the entrants from the Michelin Challenge Design 2008.

New Blackjack Zero


Zap Alias

A new derivation of the Blackjack Zero using the Moto Guzzi 1100 V Twin engine.

A new electric 3-wheeler capable of 156 mph and up to 100 miles between charges.




My current vehicle, a 1961 Reliant Regal Mk VI 5cwt van and the ongoing restoration.

In June 2008 I was given a 1970 Reliant Regal Supervan III 21E after my previous Regal Supervan was destroyed by fire. Follow the restoration of Snoopy.

car2nz - The world of personalized car caricatures


The Registration of 3-wheelers from the 1950s to 1970s (UK) by John Harrison

A small collection of car caricatures by Graham Hodgson.

How motorcycles and 3-wheelers were registered prior to October 1974.

Arvil Shepherd (Shep)


Robin Reliant” – the car that doesn’t exist

3-wheelers.com is sad to hear that Arvil Shepherd passed away on October 3rd 2007.

Lots or people mention the “Robin Reliant” but what sort of car is that?

Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008


Bob Keyes

Follow us as we prepare for a 3,000+ mile trip to the North Cape.

3-wheelers.com is sad to hear that Bob Keyes passed away on July 24th 2006.

Tuk to the Road


Weird Cars Competition

2 girls, 3 wheels, 12,000 miles; an epic overland journey adventure from Bangkok (Thailand) to Brighton (UK) in a Tuk Tuk.

Details of the winner and other entries in the Weird Cars book competition.


John Cleve Graham


The real 3-wheelers.com model

3-wheelers.com is sad to hear that Cleve Graham passed away on January 12th 2005.

In February 2004 I bought a 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III. This was an ongoing project until June 2005 to turn it into a real 3-wheelers.com model.

Fire at the National Motorcycle Museum (UK)


Test drive of the new Carver

On September 16th 2003 hundreds of unique motorcycles were destroyed when the museum was gutted by fire.

On August 25th 2003, I was invited over to Holland by Harry Kroonen and Tim Hodgetts to test drive the Carver and have a tour of their manufacturing facilities.

Building a Bijou model


Corbin files for Chapter 7

I was recently fortunate enough to get a Bijou Reliant Regal Saloon kit for converting a Lledo Reliant Model and so made a photographic record of it being made.

This is the letter that was released from Corbin Motors by Tom Corbin on March 31st 2003 when they filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceedings.

The end of the Invacar


3-wheelers and the London Congestion Charge

After 31st March 2003 it became illegal to own or drive an Invacar on British roads.

On 17th February 2003 a new congestion charge was introduced to drive around the streets of London. This is a reply to a letter I sent to the Mayor of London asking will 3-wheelers be exempt.

Dirty One competition


Exclusive BRA e-interview

Details of the winner and the entrants in the Dity One competition.

Exclusive e-Interview with BRA Motor Work’s, David Wiles.

100,000 hits competition


World Exclusive: The new BRA MG3

Details of the winner and the answer in the 100,000 hits competition.

3-Wheelers.com is pleased to be the first to show you BRA’s latest vehicle; the Moto Guzzi powered MG3. (19/04/01)

The Reliant Robin is back


The Plume School Microcar project

The Reliant Robin is to start production again from April 23rd 2001 under licence from a new company.

A school project to build a 3-wheeled micro car in 2001

Just why do we call the Reliant Robin a Plastic Pig?


End of an Era for the Reliant 3-wheeler

Ever wondered why people call the Reliant Robin a Plastic Pig. Here are a few possible reasons why this name may have come about.

Reliant announce that from December 2000 they will cease production of one of the most famous UK 3-wheelers.


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