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The “Real” Model - Part 1: January 2004 (Page 1 of 1)

I had been looking for a Regal Supervan for quite a while and it was on the 6th January when John Copestake from Carwise Reliant Spares e-mailed me asking;

    “I'm going to be picked up on Saturday and taken to look at a Supervan III, if I feel it's worth buying are you still interested in buying it?”

I certainly was, numerous e-mails then flew back and forth over the next few days. On 11th January an e-mail arrived weighed down with photos (shown on this page) and supporting the subject title “WOW”.  John’s e-mail read: 

    “... been and seen the Supervan III, it is great, been off road for 24 years so only had 7 years of British winters, engine still turns and there is a quantity of spares with it ... “

Whilst it was obvious from the photos that the car needed some work doing to it, it looked to be a good project and best of all it was blue - just the colour for a model.  So I contacted the owner about purchasing it and they liked the idea of the vehicle being restored. The Reliant however, was in Brighouse in the North of the UK and so was a good 2.5 - 3 hours drive away. As my car at the time had no tow bar a game of trying to obtain a car and trailer ensued and along with other factors, it wasn’t until February 7th that I was able to travel up to Brighouse to fetch it.

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The first photo I opened of the Regal.

Back End.

Front end and years of green stuff.

Rusty engine with cobwebs galore.

Under the bonnet.

Interior ... with free wicker basket and petrol can.