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Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008

The vehicle 1.

The vehicle 3.

The original vehicle.

The vehicle 2.

We did it!:

5,500 miles to the North Cape and back!

Visit our polar blog for a day by day account of the journey at:

In June 2008, Geoff (my brother) joined number of teams to travel in a Reliant vehicle to the North Cape and back, a trip of over 5,500 miles in 21 days. The trip took us from Tamworth in the UK to Oslo then through Norway up to the North Cape - the furthest point of Europe.

The challenge was open to anyone with a Reliant vehicle, whether it have 3 wheels or 4 and is also marks the 30th anniversary of Ernest Hausler who in 1968 at the age of 62 along with his wife, drove a 3-wheeled Reliant TW9 (also known as the Ant) on a 7,650 mile trip around Europe and to the North Cape. By doing this event we also hope to raised money for Birmigham Focus on Blindness.

We were Team 04. We had thought about doing the journey in my 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III (Ole Blue) but decided that buying a newer Reliant would be advantageous as we could make certain modifications to it for the journey. Therefore doing the journey in a 1990 Reliant Robin LX dubbed “New Blue”, the car needed work and was completed on time for the journey. This page was a month by month account of the car being prepared for the journey.

Our journey is also published in a new book now available from Lulu Publishing. The book contains extended daily blogs along with more information about the trip and 72 full colour photos.

The next challenge...

Three Wheels to Russia 2012

The next challenge for New Blue

The preparation and the journey:

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April 2008

January 2008

September 2007

June 2007

February 2007

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March 2008

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July 2007

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Listen again to our interview on touch radio about the Reliant challenge.

Listen again to our interview on BBC Radio WM about the Reliant challenge.

Thank you to our sponsors who helped with the trip!