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Gwenn - GKD 871N.

It seems that Relaint 3-wheelers are like pet dogs in that you often need to have two of them so that they have company. So incase Ole Blue was feeling a little melancholy at being the only 3-wheeler in the village (as New Blue lives so far away), meet Gwenn, a 1974 Reliant Robin in the "Super" guise that hopefully will keep Ole Blue happier.

Gwenn is not just any old Reliant Robin though as our paths have passed before, many, many years ago (about 16 to be precise). When I had my first Reliant Robin in 1990, it was Carnival pink and so I sprayed it Electric blue. (Having a Reliant Robin at the time was one thing but having a bright pink one was something else). The only other pink Reliant Robin I saw was Gwenn, and I would often park next to her at Reliant rallies and shows as both our cars were the early 750cc versions, both were 1974 N reg "Super" models and so it seemed, they could almost be twins.

After I graduated from university and my Reliant Robin (Gwen) was sent to the great Reliant heven in the sky, I didn't have a Reliant for a few years and so missed a few Reliant rallies and when I started them again, Gwenn was never on the scene but ironically I never forgot about it as it was the only other Carnival pink Reliant Robin I had seen.

16 years later and I am asked if I am interested in a pink Reliant Robin. Initially I wasn't as I assumed it would be a later Robin that had been painted pink by its owner but my girlfriend (Caroline) had shown an interest in getting a Reliant that she could drive to rallies and shows and she really wanted a bright pink car. Once I get to see photos of the car in question, imagine my sheer surprise when I discover that it is the same pink Reliant Robin that I used to park next to all those years ago and until recently, it was the same people who owned it way back then meticulously maintaining it over the years. Needless to say the car suddenly meant a lot more to me and Caroline loved it so the deal was done and it now sits in a garage near Ole Blue.

As mentioned. the car has been well maintained over the years and has travelled up and down the country on the John O'groats to Lands End run. It was therefore no surprise that it sailed through its MOT with no problems and was much happier when I fitted a new battery and ignition switch.

Along with the car also came a squirrel, who's identity is apparently a secret but the car is passed on with the proviso that the squirrel stays in the car - and so it shall, though after seeing it, Caroline’s mum couldn't resist taking it out and giving it a wash and blow dry.

As mentioned above the car is a 1974 Reliant Robin Mk 1 and one of the early 750cc models that were produced from 1973 - 1975 when the engine was uprated to 850cc and a number of other changes were also made. It was believed intially that Carinval Pink was a limited edition colour to celebrate the launch of the Robin but the colour is mentioned in early literature. There seems to be mixed reactions to the colour and as all Carnival Pink Robins I have heard of (about five of then over the years) tend to be either 1973 - 1975 models, it makes me wonder if the colour was dropped when the 850cc Robin was announced.

This car has been called “Gwenn” in tribute to my first Robin “Gwen” that she meant all those years ago.

As with Ole Blue, stories will appear throughout the site throughout the year and then an update on the vehicle each January can be found on this page. I will also try and contact the original owners from the last 16 years and see if I can get a few photos from the past.

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January 2008

October 2008

Video Clips of Gwenn in action can be seen on YouTube.  Click the YouTube image to access the videos.

Gwenn - A 1974 Reliant Super Robin.

Rear View.

Super Interior.

Matching pink and black vinyl seats.

Original 748cc engine.

Mystery Squirrel who lives on the back seat.

Flashback to 1992. Gwenn (Right) with my first Reliant Robin - Gwen.

2008. Gwenn (Right) with Ole Blue.