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How to contact Me

Please note that this site is a hobby and sadly not a full time job and so at times I can get a mountain of e-mail and unfortunately very little time to answer them in. Sadly this could mean that sometimes a couple of weeks may fly by before I respond unless I can see that the e-mail demands a faster response. I always try my best to answer all e-mails but as a few questions pop up quite regularly I have listed them here in a hope they may answer your query.  If they do not please feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Questions about Items in the A-Z section

The vehicles shown in the A-Z section of this site details all the information I currently have.  I’m afraid I do not have any additional info that this site does not mention.  As soon as I gather new info it is always added to the site.  Sadly I can provide no further information regarding vehicles detailed in this section.  If you can not find a vehicle on this web site please use the Search facility.  The site is very large and chances are that you may find the data you require tucked away in some dark corner of the web site.

  • Questions about restorations, spare parts or vehicles for sale

I am sorry but this site is data only. I do not have any vehicles for sale and do not stock spare parts for 3-wheelers.  Reliant owners please note that you may benefit from the Reliant Motor Club website at www.reliant.website.  If you are having problems sourcing parts / help for a restoration project check out the links pages as they may contain details of appropriate Owners Clubs that can help you out.

  • Questions about manuals or wiring diagrams

I am sorry but this site is data only.  I do not have any manuals for sale or access to wiring diagrams or building plans.  In addition you may wish to view specific web sites for that marquee and hopefully they will be able to help.  A list of additional 3-wheeler web sites can be found in the Links section.

  • Questions about shows and events

I am sorry but I have no knowledge of forthcoming shows and event.  Reliant owners please note that you may benefit better from the Reliant World forum to ask if anyone knows the dates to the event you are after.

  • Questions on UK law or what 3-wheelers you can drive at 16 and bike licenses

I get a lot of questions asking about what 3-wheelers you can drive at 16 and if you can drive a 3-wheeler on a motorcycle license.  For details of 3-wheelers you can drive when you are 16 and UK law please click here but the laws seem to be changing so frequently these days I am getting lost with them. As for the most asked question, yes;  In the UK you can drive a 3-wheeler on a full motorcycle license. In addition it can also have a reverse gear.  The law that said it could not was abolished in 1961.

  • Questions about finding a garage that MOTs 3-wheelers in the UK

A number of people ask where is the nearest MOT station in the UK that MOT’s 3-wheeler vehicles.  If you phone 0870 6060440. They will ask where you are and find your nearest MOT station.

  • Questions from the Media (TV, Magazines, Press etc)

If you belong to any form of Media or you are an author researching please click here.  If you require further info please contact me below and I will do my best to help you.

  • Questions about material submitted to the site

Sometimes I get e-mails inquiring about data that has been sent in but not uploaded to the site. When I do an update I always try to add as much as I can but sometimes can not always achieve this due to time restraints.  Chances are therefore that I will add the data in the following update. All data sent in is kept in a “To do” folder until I do something with it.  If I do not then, chances are my anti-spam software has eaten it and I have not seen the e-mail. 

  • Questions about advertising

If you wish to advertise on 3wheelers.com, I will be allowing a miminal amount of space on the home page for this. To enquire please use the online contact form.

  • Questions about buying the domain 3-wheelers.com or buying the whole web site

I have a client that is interested in buying 3-wheelers.com (or one of its variants)”.  Unless your client offers some outlandish figure that I just cannot refuse then I’m not interested. There are thousands of hours work in this web site and it just would not be worth while selling for something low.  If they are rich beyond belief and offer enough so that I can pay off my mortgage ... then I would probably be interested.

  • Finally; my online contact form / e-mail address ....

If none of the above answers your question or you wish to submit info and pictures to the site then please feel free to email me at:

I have a 200Mb broadband connection so please do not worry about the sizes of photos / videos should you wish to send some.

Alternatively you can contact me directly from this site via my Online contact form.

PLEASE NOTE:  When emailing me please give the e-mail a useful subject title else my Anti-Spam software may send it straight to my Deleted Box.  My Anti-Spam software likes e-mails and often tends to eat things it shouldn’t, therefore if you do not receive a reply, please feel free to email again just in case the first email was eaten.

Thank you!


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