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The end of an Era for the Reliant 3-Wheeler. (September 2000)

On the 26th September 2000 the Reliant Motor Company announced that it was no longer going to produce any more of its famous 3-wheeled cars from December 2000. It will instead concentrate on a new line of 4-wheelers. On the 27th September this web site was featured on BBC Radio Shropshire and in a brief interview I mentioned that over the years in the UK 3-wheeler manufacturers have come and gone with names like BSA, Morgan and Raleigh, to name just a few,  but it has been the Reliant that has soldered on through both the Second World War and through numerous economic problems.  Reliant was one of those companies, it seemed , that would just make 3-wheelers for ever. Founded in 1935 Reliant are the only 3-wheeler company in the world to have produced 3-wheelers for 65 years manufacturing some 500,000 vehicles.

Two 1973 Reliant Robins.

Reliant has announced that it will create 65 special edition Robins to commemorate the passing of an era for it is just this and an end to an eccentric British vehicle that has been with us for so long. In the mean time many Reliant fans are writing to Reliant Motors in protest at the end of such a vehicle. In a local Tamworth newspaper on October 1st a Reliant Spokesman was quoted as saying, “We have always had a lot of interest from abroad and it is possible we could sell the concept - with the Robin continuing to be made.”  Only Time will now tell.

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Elvis Payne: Copyright 27th Sept 2000