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The Reliant Robin is back! (April 2001)

Details at the moment are still very fresh but the good news is the Reliant Robin is back and will officially start production on April 30th. Regular visitors to the site would have first seen the news when it was announced on the 3-wheelers message board. After speaking to B&N Plastics (The company producing the new Robins ) I can confirm that production of the new Robins will be taking place.

All those people who could not get a Robin 65, do not be disappointed. The new Robins will be “enhanced” versions of the originals with the quality of the Reliant Robin 65 forming a base model. The interior will feature leather seats as standard whilst top models feature a CD auto changer.

The differences are not purely cosmetic however. The gearbox and back axle have been re engineered to help increase overall performance, whilst inside, the dated dashboard will be redesigned with some dashboards being made from a mock carbon fibre material.

The Reliant Robin 65 ... setting the minimal standard for the new Reliant Robin BN-1 to follow.

The Robins will be made under licence from Reliant and will be badged “Reliant Robin BN-1” The rolling chassis and most of the mechanical parts will be supplied by Reliant whilst the body and assembly are  being undertaken by the new company. All dealer sales will also be serviced by the new company.

Presently there are  70 orders to fulfill and anyone interested in ordering a brand new one  should contact their local dealer as soon as possible because there is already a 3 month waiting list. In addition production of the new Robins will be limited to just 250 cars a year.

The aim of the company is to produce the best Reliant Robins yet and change the public’s perception for the better of this truly historical vehicle.

For more information Tel: (UK) 01787 319833, or visit the new official Reliant Robin BN-1 web site that has been created by  at: