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Snoopy - Part 2: July 2008 (Page 1 of 2)

Progress on Snoopy has been a little slow this month as I was away in the North Cape for three weeks in New Blue and then at a show with Gwenn and then finishing writing the Reliant North Cape Challenge 2008 book. Some body at work asked me, ďHow do you find the time to do all these things?Ē.  Iím not sure, but itís all go so I think I need to win the lottery so that I can retire earlier and do even more things!

Before the North Cape Challenge I did stop by to pour some diesal down onto the pistons to help lubricate and clean them.  Unfortunately I couldnít get the spark plugs out with the tools I had and as I was due else where I thought Iíll do that later.  I still havenít got round to seeing if the engine turns over or not though I thought soaking the pistons in diesal for a few weeks would do them good.

Snoopy hasnít been sitting there all dejected though and wondering why no one is coming to say hello. At the beginning of July, I did get to roll her out to give her a good bath - and boy was she dirty.  20 years of dust builds up pretty well and it was amazing to see the colour coming through. It no time at all though the water would turn jet black. I gave her three baths and I still think she needs a fourth though she is looking a bit happier now.

The clean did show up a few star cracks here and there and a few other small areas that have been repaired and touched up though over all the body looks in superb shape. Once the water dried it soon lost itís sheen though I am really curious what another good wash an then a wax polishing will do as all I washed her down with was water.

One thing that surprised me most was the chrome work, with a bit of water and a ooze of elbow grease, the chome parts came up a treat. Chome 38 years ago is far superior to the stuff you get today.

When Terry gave me the car he also let a few boxes of bits in the back as well so I also had a mooch through those and find some rather interesting bits and bobs including new wheel bearings.  Iíve also been maxing out my Paypal account thanks to ebay by buying lots of parts, so far I have new brake cylinders (both master and wheels), brake shoes, oil filter, HT leads and rubber hoses. Iíve also been going through my spares that I had for Ole Blue and was amazed at many Regal parts I have amassed.

Part of me wants to get started and take Snoopy apart to start cleaning her up but the other half of me wants to leave her alone until after September, this way I can then take her down whole to the Tamworth Heritage weekend. Then after that I can get to work on her. Further more I shall be working in Dubai for most of August so I will not be able to do much anyway.

Snoopy also got a present from Pete and Dee - a Snoopy decal to stick on the back when she is ready to hit the road again. (Thanks Pete & Dee).

Elvis Payne.

July 2008.

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Snoopy before the bath.

Snoopy after the bath though there are still marks so I think yet another bath will get her even cleaner.

The wheels would have come cleaner though they were a bit greasy and I was only using water (no soap) so I left those for another day.

After 20 years of dust and a bit of water brings up the chrome like this.

Snoopyís last tax disc from January 1988 - which means Snoopy was last legally on the road in December 1987.