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Dosthill Boy’s Club - Fun Day.

5th July 2008 (Tamworth, Staffs. UK)

Following the success of the Reliant display at last years Dosthill Boy’s Club Fun Day, I was asked if I could get a group of Reliants together for this year as well.  Thanks to the Reliant r3w forum, we did get a great showing of Reliant vehicles again.

Following the demise of Ole Blue, I decided that this year I would take Gwenn (My 1974 Reliant Robin) though she has been having a few temper tantrums lately as she over heats rather quickly (possibly due to a faulty water pump).

Gwenn also had a flat front tyre, it wasn’t flat the day before just a little low though when I went to the garage to pump it up, I connected the pump and pssssst, the tyre went right down and wouldn’t pump up again.  I decided to change the wheel for the spare but the tyre wrench in my Jaguar was too fit (even though it fits the wheel nuts on a Reliant Regal) so I started to drive back to my other rented garage when just round the corner I saw a chap mowing his lawn - and he had a 1993 Reliant Robin Mk 2 in his garden. I explained about Gwenn and the front wheel and this chap (or Rodney as I later found out) dug out his wheel wrench and lent it to me. I was then able to change the front wheel.

As for getting Gwenn to the show, help was on hand thanks to Kerry Croxton and Marion who said that they would take Gwenn to the show on their dolly (towed behind their Reliant Kitten). Gwenn is kept in a rented garage in Polesworth and one thing that I didn’t realise was that July 5th was also Polesworth carnival, this meant that when we went to pick Gwenn up we had to wait for the carnival to pass and then jump on to the end of it, as Kerry pointed out, it was a pity Gwenn wasn’t in the carnival what with her being Carnival pink.

When we arrived at the show there was already quite a good Reliant display on and so we added Gwenn and Kerry’s Reliant Kitten to the line up. A short while later, Mark and Sue Cropper turned up in two rather gleaming Mk 3 Reliant Robins and then Steve with a Reliant Rialto.

The Reliants generated a great deal of interest, especially Kevin and Shiela’s pink Reliant with a Reliant sleeper, a Reliant converted into a mini caravan which that looked exceptionally comfortable, just the thing me and Geoff could have done with at the North Cape.

Click on the title to see that group of pictures.



Talking of which, New Blue was also on display fresh from driving 5,500 miles around Europe. As Geoff came straight from work, Dee drove his car there along with Pete and his Reliant Rialto.

Dan and Keith also brought along a Reliant Fox each and I marveled at just how much space they have in the engine bay compared with a Reliant Robin.

As mentioned Gwenn has not been too happy recently (probably because I always leave her when I’m working in Dubai) and so I wasn’t sure if she would fire up at the show.  Just to prove me wrong, as soon as the key was turned she fired up and I took her for a few trips around the field though within a short time she did start to get hot again so I must replace the water pump. The Reliant foxes also seemed to be stretching their legs over the field and Mark and Sue’s blue Mk 3 suddenly became a test car with people trying it out.  All in all a great time was had.

The vehicles on show were:

  • 1974 Reliant Super Robin (Mk 1) Driven by Elvis
  • 1979 Reliant Kitten Driven by Kerry & Marion
  • 1981 Reliant Rialto Driven by Pete
  • 1983 Reliant Fox Driven by Keith
  • 1984 Reliant Rialto Driven by Steve.
  • 1984 Reliant Fox Driven by Dan.
  • 1990 Reliant Robin LX (Mk 2) Driven by Dee (for Geoff)
  • 1993 Reliant Robin LX (Mk 2) Driven by Kevin & Sheila.
  • 1998 Reliant Robin SLX (MK 3) Driven by Mark
  • 1999 Reliant Robin SLX (Mk 3) Driven by Sue

Thank you to everyone who came to the show and thank you for bringing a Reliant. It really helped make an impressive display.

Elvis Payne - July 2008.