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Snoopy - Part 1: August 2008 (Page 1 of 1)

It was planned that I would be working in Dubai for 3 weeks during August though due to unforeseen circumstances, the trip was postponed and I stayed at home in the UK - this means that I can now have a tinker with Snoopy and create an August update.

As mentioned last month, I’m not doing too much to Snoopy at the moment as I want to take her to the Tamworth Heritage weekend next month as a complete vehicle. Whilst Geoff and Pete (Who we found out is one day older than the car) were visiting though, we thought wouldn’t it be a great idea if we try and start the car whilst at the Heritage day. So heading off to the garage with a can of diesel and a box of tools, we figured we’d take the spark plugs out and pour diesel down each cylinder so that it would help lubricate and if necessary unstick the pistons before we turn the key.

Pete felt the urge to get on with the spark plugs so ratchet in hand he set to it as Geoff and I looked round the car amazed at what good condition the car is in. It’s almost tempting just to replace all the brake lines, get the engine going and take it for a MOT and see what it fails on (if anything). What I have noticed is that the car seems much better built than Ole Blue (My 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III) was when she would have been new as things like the door trims, window seal and even bonnet with its steel cross supports all seem better made.

I’ve also noticed a rather ingenious light above the back door that looks as though it once came off a torch. Great idea though for loading the back in the dark as the interior light at the front isn’t really that good.

I am also wondering about just T-Cutting the paint work and seeing how it comes up.  The car has numerous badges around it including one on the front from the garage it was purchased from in the 1970s so it would be a shame to paint the whole car and hide such details. Terry provided a pot of paint with the car so hopefully getting a similar match may mean we can just touch the car up and keep it fairly original.

Once the spark plus were out, getting diesel into the cylinders was quite a task until Geoff found a bottle of windscreen cleaner in the glove box in a small squeezy bottle.  With a bit of diesel in it that was superb, I shall keep it with the car as well as it must be at least 20 years or so old so its part of the car really.

Before we start the car, I need to refit the dynamo and change one of the engine mounts. I plan to get this done before the Heritage weekend and then with a fresh battery (and having a few weeks for the diesel to soak in) we can hook Snoopy up to a new battery, pour in some petrol, turn the ignition key ... and see what happens.

Looking at the seats the passenger one is in really nice condition and in blue which matches the car though the drivers one has been replaced with something that looks a bit like a deck chair so hopefully I can source another blue Regal chair from somewhere.

Talking of sourcing spare parts, e-bay is still being searched each night in search of parts and a set of black number plates has also been ordered.  I know the number plates on the car are original but there is just something about black number plates that really make an old car a bit more special.

Elvis Payne.

August 2008.

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Pete busy removing the spark plus whilst Geoff and I discuss whether gravity is a manifestation of the curvature of spacetime.

Geoff and Pete busy tinkering.

Ingenious swivel light fitted above the back door.

Transfer from the garage it was purchased from in either 1970 or 1973.

Sometimes the best tools are things you find lying around in the back of the car.