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1982 Reliant Rialto GLS

NOJ 207X

2005 - 2005

Wanting to upgrade the engine in my Regal Supervan from a 700cc to 850cc engine I came across this Rialto that had a couple of months MOT and Tax on it. The current owner had kept it ready to cut up and turn into a trike and then decided to sell it. The car ran superbly and so it seemed the ideal car to provide an engine, ironically buying a whole car was cheaper than just buying an engine. ( Sadly for some reason Rialtos are very under rated and so things like this seem to happen to them. )

The vehicle was used as a runabout until the engine was removed. The dash had a huge crack in it and some how whilst removing the engine, the dash inside just caved in. With engine gone (and half the dash as well) the car was sold on and happily fixed up, reunited with an engine and pt back on the road.