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Reliant Archives

Reliant Newspaper Articles 1935 - 1975

The Tamworth Library has a collection of “Tamworth Heralds” dating back to its first issue in the late 1800’s. The newspaper therefore perfectly chronicals the history of Reliant through its weekly pages from 1935 onwards. These are just a few of the articles I found that most caught my eye dating from 1935 - 1975.

This advertisement (right) is Reliant’s first advertisement to have appear in Tamworth and possibly the first one published World Wide.  It appeared in the Tamworth Herald on Saturday 6th July 1935 and then again on Saturday 3rd August 1935.

Fazeleys New Works. (Saturday February 2nd 1935.)

A new works for the production of 3-wheeled motor goods vehicles is shortly to commence operations in the Midland Bus Companies old depot on Watling Street ...

A Tri-van driver fined. (Saturday July 6th 1935)

John Grenville Holmes, van driver, xx City Road, Beeston, Nottingham, was summoned for driving a motor tri-van above 30mph at ...

An Attractive Offer. (Saturday August 3rd 1935)

The newly formed Reliant Engineering Co,of Two Gates (for which Messrs Ford and Rowly are the local agents) secured 3rd prize in the ...

Reliant Prices down. (Friday May 8th 1953)

Following the budget reduction in purchase tax (April 14th) , the Reliant Engineering Company, of Two Gates, announced revised prices for all the vehicles ...

New Reliant Hard Top Coupe. (Friday November 11th 1955)

Making its debut at this years cycle and motorcycle show, which opens on Saturday, is the latest addition to the Reliant Engineering Company range of 3-wheeled cars ...

Youll get sick and tired of your Reliant Regal 3/25. (Friday June 4th 1965)

You’ll get sick and tired of your Reliant Regal 3/25. The tough all aluminium engine has a tiesome habit of going on and on and on. (We expect a life of 100,000 miles before ...

Reliants new Regal 3/25 Super. (Friday September 10th 1965)

Production is not affected by a fire which damaged a paint shop at the Reliant Motor Company Two Gates works late on Tuesday night. Four workmen in

Restored Regal becomes a museum piece. ( Friday September 7th 1973.

An example of Reliant’s first passenger vehicle, the 1953 Regal Mk1 convertible, is now on show at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieau, Hampshire. The vehicle, built of ...

Reliants new Robin. (Friday November 2nd 1973)

“The most practical small car in Britain. In its own field as revolutionary as the mini was at the beginning of the 1960’s.” This is the claim of Tamworth’s Reliant Motor company ...

The following article is from 1995 but I felt it just had to be included:

Reliant Bobbin! (Friday May 19th 1995)

Making a big splash on the canal - a car that thinks its a boat. Just cruisin’ along as 3-wheel Robin takes to the water in style It may not be red but Robin went bob, bob, bobbin’

From 2000 a number of articles have appeared in the Tamworth Herald relating to this web site, these articles can be found on the Media page.


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