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Snoopy - Part 1: April 2009 (Page 1 of 2)

More news on the restoration of Snoopy from Pete:

Been quite busy with Snoopy since my last update. The sender unit on the car was quite rusty, i managed to obtain a similar unit from Reliant Willenhall, gave both the old and new one to Geoff who made a decent usable one out of the two. I have fitted this to the tank with some small bolts, sprayed it with copper grease. Then I refitted the tank to the car with new 8mm fuel pipe, fuel filter and filler neck hose clips as the old ones were rusty. Unfortunately the filler cap had to be broken to remove it as this had seized so I need to source another one.

Removed all the old brake and fuel pipes as these were a bit worse for wear. Obtained 25 feet of copper pipe with male/female connectors off good old e-bay, which Geoff used to make me a new set of pipes to fit Snoopy using the old pipes as a guide. Removed the brake shoes, discovered that the brake adjustors had seized so I dismantled them, gave them a good greasing before putting them back together. Removed all the surface rust from the brake back plate with a good rub down. Replaced the brake shoes and cylinders, fitted the new brake pipe, hose and connectors. Have to say I had difficulty in obtaining the correct 4 way connector, the first one I got off e-bay wouldn’t fit the brake light switch as it had the wrong thread. Luckily James Holland at CHG Performance managed find me a good second hand one. Replaced the brake light switch and fitted a new brake master cylinder using a Land Rover Mk 3 clutch master cylinder. Still need to add the brake fluid and bleed the system.

Next I fitted new rear shocks purchased from Birmingham Mini. As I was removing the old shocks one bolt snapped off so replaced with new bolts. Snoopy’s A frame rubber mounts had perished so these were also replaced with new ones. Fitted new driver’s seat.

Replaced the old track rod with a new one, using Geoffs two hammer technique to remove it, it came off in seconds, this is in stark contrast to the last time I attempted to this. After I had struggled for ages Geoff came round showed me the easy way. (Don’t worry Pete, Geoff did that to me as well. I spent ages to to separate the ball joint and Geoff came a long with tow hammers. tapped both sides of the eye and they came part - annoying when he does things like thta, ;o)  )

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Pete attacking the rear brakes.

Rebuilt rear brakes.

Rebuilt front brakes.

Having a rest!

New Track rod.

The old A frame rubbers.

Geoff trying to start Snoopy up.