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Snoopy - Part 2: April 2009 (Page 2 of 2)

As everything was now all connected up Geof and i decided it was time to start old Snoopy up. The battery was totally flat so we jump leaded from my LDV van battery. Sadly Snoopy failed to start, the timing was way out, initially misfiring in the engine bay then after adjustment it was misfiring in the exhaust. We decided we had no choice but to remove the engine, strip it and investigate further. Hence I spent a lovely Sunday removing the engine, I was amazed how quickly I was able to get the prop shaft off, my own personal experience has always found them to be the devil to remove. Unable to remove the gear stick though as it was stuck solid. My partner Dee then had to get in on the action and donned a pair of my overalls to help me carry Snoopy’s engine to the shed.

Geoff then came over to bench test the engine for me. The compression readings were as follows:
Cylinder 1 =10bar
Cylinder 2 = 10bar
Cylinder 3 = 6bar
Cylinder 4 = 6bar
As a result of these readings we decided to remove the head, Geoff whacked it (a couple of times with a rubber mallett (hmmm very high tech Dee remarks) and it came of with ease. Geoff said " I dont know why people say these are hard to get off that was easy!"
When the cylinder head was removed we discovered that the exhausts on 3 and 4 were stuck open, the head gasket had gone between cylinder 4 and the oil channel. We found gel in the water channel from previous attempts to seal the leak and calcium build up, hence the whole thing needed a good clean up. All the valves were removed and cleaned, the engine was degreased and the top of the pistons were cleaned off. While everything was dismantled decided to check the condition of the clutch which we found to still be in a relatively good condition, so one less thing to replace for now. Took the head to Birmingham and had it skimmed, the service was great as i had it back in a couple of hours. Head and valves are now back on the engine and just needs to be torqued into place.

Have sprayed the starter motor, dynamo, rocker cover and metal fan blade with red heat resistant paint and changed the starter solenoid for a nice new one as the old one was buggered.
Plan to have engine back in and running before next update.... I will let you know, have to admit I am enjoying this project :)

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700cc engine dropped from its mounts.

The delightful Dee getting mucky!

Pete (left) and Geoff attacking the engine.

Headgasket blown on cylinder 4

Not sure if they are posing for the camera of really looking at the seized valves.