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Snoopy - Part 1: February 2009 (Page 1 of 1)

In December 2008, I passed Snoopy, A 1970 Reliant Regal Supervan III 21E onto Pete. A few people have inquired as to what has happened to Snoopy since then and as promised, I will keep folks updated as to Snoopy’s progress.

Pete provided plenty of photos though is a bit shy with the words at the moment. So over to Pete:

Done a bit of work on Snoopy today, I decided to check out the brakes, when I took the drum off the shoes just fell off as per the photo.

Then I checked out the fuel tank as you suggested it may be a bit rotten. I managed to get the tank off and was surprised to find it still had some fuel in so I emptied that out. As you can see from the pictures the tank is definitely a bit rusty.

I sprayed some WD40 around a few joints ready to take the fuel and brake pipes off.

I have been busy and managed to get a new tank for Snoopy from Stirchley and some new shocks also for Snoopy. In addition my proper driver’s seat came to replace the broken one currently in Snoopy. I removed my sender unit of the old tank but it looks a bit rusty.

So it is starting to feel like I am making some progress on my project, just need some dry weather now so i do some more work on him


February 2009.

Incidently where Pete got the Regal van fuel tank from was actually the same place that I purchased one for Ole Blue at Reliant Services in Stirchley so I was amazed that they still had some as I was shocked when I managed to get one a few years ago. At time of writing they say that they still have two more in stock as well.

Elvis Payne

February 2009.

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Snoopy’s brake drums minus the bit that actually stops you.

Pete with Snoopy’s old fuel tank.

A replacement driver’s chair.

New rear shocks.

Pete with Snoopy’s new petrol tank.