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Snoopy - Part 1: December 2008 (Page 1 of 1)

As mentioned in previous months due to the problems with the garage Snoopy was stored in and consulting Terry O’Keeffe who gave me Snoopy, I decided that the best thing to keep the van safe would be to pass her on and so at the beginning of December, Snoopy was passed over to Pete and Dee, Snoopy being just one day older than Pete as she was first registered the day after Pete was born.

On a cold and dark December night, Pete came over with my brother Geoff and Snoopy was taken away and indeed so was my motorbike (A Honda Superdream 250) that lived at the back of the garage.

The garage keys were handed back to the council as the garages are soon set for demolition - I guess too many people complaining about how damp they are.

From photos from Pete, it looks as though Snoopy is enjoying her new home and even joining in with the Christmas festivities.

This isn’t the end of Snoopy for this web site though as Pete has said that he will provide updates and photos as Snoopy is restored, so the whole process can still be followed through the web site.

Elvis Payne

December 2008

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Handing over the keys to Pete (Left).

Snoopy leaving the damp garage for the last time.

Snoopy enjoying Christmas at her new home.