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3-Wheelers on TV and at the Movies

Section 1: Television Series (Page 3)

Saturday Night Takeaway (Central TV)

In an October 2004 episode, Ant & Dec dressed up as Irish nuns to play a prank on the boy band “Busted”.  They took the roles of Sister Mary and Sister Bernadette and drove a Reliant Rialto.  The vehicle was found for them after they e-mailed 3-wheelers.com and were put onto a Reliant dealer in Tooting.

My thanks to “Bill” for sending in this picture


Scrapyard Challenge (Channel 4)

In the 2000 semi-finals of the Scrapyard Challange, two teams were required to build a steam powered car that carried four people and race it three laps around a circuit at Beaulieu. One of the teams, the Nerds, chopped up and converted a Reliant Regal for their car.  This car won the race.


Seaquest DSV

Does anyone know which episode it was that the crew go to stop some terrorist in a submarine to find out it was a sub full of children escaping this island as the baddies kill them to stop them begging to Tourist.  Anyway half way through this episode the Police arrive at the Chemist, as it is being burgled, in 3-wheeled cars, but I havn’t a clue what they were!!


Smith & Jones (BBC)

In one of the episodes of this series one of the comedy sketches involves two men parking their sports cars. One boast of his new alarm as he activates it to protect the car.  The other then goes one better by activating his anti-thef alarm which turns the car into a Reliant Robin.


Some Mothers Do Av Em (BBC)

In the 1978 episode “King of the Road”  Frank Spencer (Michael Crawford) is racing around the town and countryside as his motorbike loses control. He picks on a Range Rover and then passes a black L reg (1972) Reliant Regal parked at the side of the road.


The Avengers.

In the Avengers episode entitled, “The Girl from Auntie” John Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) drive off into the sunset in a Messerschmitt at the end of the episode.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in thIs picture


The Chinese Detective (BBC)

In an episode of The Chinese Detective the entire episode revolved around 3-wheelers. One memorable scene was when a Bond Bug and a Messerschmitt chase each other though a Parking Garage.


The Golden Shot

In the old TV game show "The Golden Shot" a Bond Bug was once awarded as the five star prize. Seen in the picture is host Bob Monkhouse with the winner Stanley Walker. Bob Monkhouse was also a Bug owner using his to drive to many professional and charity engagements all over the North of England.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in thIs picture.


The Great Egg Race

The Great Egg race was a series that ran in the 1980’s and was an early version of “Scrapyard Challenge”. In a 1985 episode presented by Professor Heinz Wolf, three teams had to convert their Reliant Robin into a waterborne craft and race it down a canal.  Two teams turned the Robin upside down to make a vessel whilst the third kept the vehicle the right way up.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in these pictures.


The New Statesman (Granada TV)

In the 1980’s series The New Statesman starring Rik Mayall as Alan B’stard, one of the episodes shows B’stard driving his Rolls Royce into a parking space forcing an AC Invacar out of the way as it is about to take the same space.


The Royal (Yorkshire TV)

In episode 87 (The Enemy Within) of the medical drama “The Royal” two of the main characters (Jack and Aluun) drive a 1961 Reliant Regal Mk VI van.  The episode aired in Denmark in Sept 2009 and was also shown in Canada in March 2010 though won’t be seen in the UK until late 2010.

The vehicle featured belongs to myself (Elvis Payne). See details of filming.


The Skibblemobile (ITN)

n 1975 a series of films featuring a Reliant Robin in the central role was shown in most ITN regions in the UK. The 'Skribble   mobile' as the car was known, was a character created by famed woman cartoonist, 'Skribble'. The series was filmed in colour and directed by Ray Millichope.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in thIs picture.


The Sweeney

The classic police drama series from the 1970s / 1980s featured a number of vehicles including this Reliant Regal Mk VI van and Reliant Regal 3/30.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in these pictures.


Top Gear: The Cars the Star (BBC)

In an episode of Top Gear (The Cars the Star ) presented by Quentin Wilson all Reliant products from the Regent, Regals Mk2,3 - 3/25, Robin, Bond Bug, Kitten, and Scimitar etc were featured.

Some of the photos used in this episode were from the “pre-3wheelers.com” collection.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in these pictures.


Top Gear (BBC)


An episode of Top Gear featured Reliant Robin Banger Racing.

In July 2003 an episode featured the Carver and it was apparent from the huge grin on the presenter’s face (Richard Hammond) that he enjoyed every second of it.

In March 2007, perhaps one of the most ambitious things was to create a space shuttle using a Reliant Robin and launch it into space.  With 8 tonnes of thrust behind it to take the Reliant to 3,000ft, this was the largest non-commercial rocket launch attempt in European history and the craft launch looked quite stunning.  The plan was for the boosters to detach and the Reliant Robin shuttle fly safely back down to Earth.  All went well but at the last moment, the Robin failed to release from the main booster and span out of control, hurtling back down to Earth and crashing into a hillside with a spectacular explosion.

In October 2007, a 1963 Peel P50 was featured when amazed by its tiny size, Jeramy Clarkson drove it through the front door and around the BBC offices - even straight into the lift.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in the top photo.  Reliant Robin space shuttle and Peel P5O photos from Top Gear web site.



"The Transporter" - a slick action thriller, full of car chases and martial arts, starring Jason Statham. Set in France, Statham plays Frank Martin a driver for hire. Being paid for transporting goods and/or people on a no questions asked basis. A three-wheeled milk truck was seen doing its rounds. Possibly a Piaggio.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Trouble at the Top


An episode was aired that showed how Reliant Motors manage to recover in 1996 after Jonathan Heynes brought the company.  The episode follows his take over from April 1996 until Christmas the same year and shows a number of Reliant Robins being made.



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