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Privacy (The small Print)

No data or photographs provided to 3-wheelers.com will be sold or used for commercial gain and user’s e-mail addresses will not be used for any kind of advertising. I respect the privacy of the individuals who send information and photos to this site but can give no warranty that other visitors will take the same view.

Occasionally I receive e-mails from people asking for e-mail addresses of owners who have images of their vehicles displayed on this site. E-mail addresses are never released to people who request them.  Instead I send the request to the person whose e-mail address is being sought after and it is then up to that person to contact the requester with their address.

In the event of a Media request for certain photos, depending on the source photos will be released to the media and you will then be notified with the details.  Should the Media wish to contact you then as above I will email the request to you so that you may deal with them directly.  No e-mail addresses are ever released without prior permission.


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