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Media (The small Print)

If you belong to the Media or you are an Author searching this web site for information I hope you find what you need but please read the following:

The data contain within my site is covered by copyright and all images that display the www.3-wheelers.com text in the lower right hand side are from my own collection and are also covered by copyright.  All other images shown may be covered by their own copyrights of their respective owners.

You are welcome to use information from my site but please source where it came from and let me know that it has been used.  It has come to my attention that a number of articles have been created from my web site and whilst I do not ask for any fee for the information, I have worked hard and spent thousands of hours building this web site and so request that my URL is mentioned in the article / book.

I have been delighted to see 3-wheelers.com appearing in a number of books and magazines so if you do source this web site, please let me know so that I can add you to my media list.

Should you require any further information, high resolution photographs or have any questions please e-mail me or see my Terms & Conditions page.

Thank you.

Elvis Payne 2012



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