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PMC (2) Powers Motor Corporation

The PMC AEV (Alternative Energy Vehicle) Three-wheel vehicle was designed in 1974 by Ronald H. Powers, President and founder of Powers Design International a design-consultancy company in Newport Beach, California. Powers Design has been designing, engineering and building all different kinds of  prototype vehicles for over 30 years, ranging from scooters,
motorcycles,  cars to RVs, trains, busses, monorails and heavy duty trucks. Even the  full-size interior mock-up of the NASA space station has been built there in  house.  The PMC is a prototype built for the sole purpose of exploring different fuel-efficient  technologies. It utilises 4 different drive trains: a 3 cylinder  Daihatsu engine or a 3 cylinder Yanmar Diesel for high gas-mileage, a 6  cylinder Kawasaki engine for high performance or a Westinghouse electric  motor powered by lead-acid batteries for a zero emission version.

With the Diesel this car can achieve a gas-mileage of 80mpg and a cruising  range  of 1000 miles!  The whole car is made out of just three major parts, which  kept manufacturing costs low. The Polyurethane sandwich body panels cover a  1.5" steel tube space frame, which makes this car extremely crash  safe.  It also features a detachable hardtop, an automatic transmission, LED displays, surround stereo system and Recaro leather sports seats. It's total weight is just a stunning 1500 lbs!


The PMC AEV. ( My thanks go to Ron Powers and Mattias Vesterlund for the photos and data on this page.)

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