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1975 Reliant Robin Estate

JHA 338N

1991 - 1992

It was whilst I had my first Reliant Robin that I purchased a MOT failure, why, I’m not one hundred percent sure, it just seemed a good idea at the time. My brother and I went to fetch it and had quite a shock driving it back when the gear knob fell off. I managed to fix this and drove it until the existing MOT expired (about 4 days worth). The car was quite a wreck and so we decided to make a 3-wheeled pick-up truck and so we started to attack it with a saw.

At the time I lived with an ex-girlfriend in a rented house whilst I was doing my access course ready for university. The neighbours had a serious shock one Sunday when my brother and I started to attack the car with saws and cut it into numerous prices.

Unfortunately the chassis was rotten, we took the rolling chassis to the 1995 Reliant Owners Club National Rally and and soon after we lost the use of the garage it was stored in so it had to go.