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BBC “Inside Out” (February 24th / March 3rd 2003)

On February 24th I was invited along by the BBC to their shoot at Grays at Thrapston for an 8 minute film on 3-wheelers for their “Inside Out” program that was shown on BBC-East on March 3rd. The film, entitled “Plastic Pigs” was an interesting look into vanishing 3-wheelers like the Invacar and Reliant Robin but also featured the Triking as just one 3-wheeler that is going from strength to strength.

Prior to meeting the BBC the crew had already filmed the Invacar, Triking and Reliant Robin and so I was popping over to Grays to see how I could help.

The last time I went to Grays was for the launch of the Reliant Robin BN-1 and I got horribly lost. This time was no exception as I got lost again. On this occasion it was thanks to instructions from the AA web site that told me to look out for the Kettering sign. Trouble was I was so busy looking for that I missed the next line that said turn left to Corby before the sign for Kettering - D’oh!!

I eventually got there and straight away everyone noticed my Rover had 4 wheels and so immediately ended up apologizing that I still do not have a 3-wheeler. After saying hello, we went to what you could only describe as the Reliant grave yard situated at the back of Grays and after digging out some old tyres perched to do my bit. Its funny how you can be really calm until the camera is switched on and then your brain spews out all kinds of stuff and you think, “why did I say that”. I think after today I should stick to I.T. and and put my dreams of being a Hollywood heart throb / stud on the back boiler for a few more decades. It was great fun though and I enjoyed it immensely. The final cut of the episode started with me and “Big George” kicking tyres on a Reliant Robin and after a little bit from me went on to the Invacar, the Reliant Robin and the Triking. It then ended with me saying that people laugh at Reliants now but one day everyone will want one. (You never know, put your hand up if you fancy a Morgan or a Bond Bug)  My total air time was about 40 seconds but in an 8 minute film I reckon that’s grand .. and to be honest its about as much as my TV could take before it imploded into a cloud of smoke.

Update March 2009.

I now have a little gadget that lets you record VHS tapes straight to your PC and so I have recorded this article and uploaded it to YouTube

Before anyone emails me and ask, yes I was as nervous as I sounded. It was one of those occasions when the camera stops rolling, you think of all the things you should have said!

No it’s not that monster thing from Dr Who - its me on the telly!

Click one of the photos above to see larger images and info taken during filming.


Click the image above to see the video from the day.