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3-Wheeler Books

The A-Z of Three-Wheelers - A definitive reference guide

By Elvis Payne

Published by Crecy Publishing.    ISBN:  978 190834 7169



Since the publication of the book the following amendments have been detailed and should be noted.

Photograph Acknowledgments

My apologies go to Nick Georgano who has photographs in the book that are incorrectly acknowledged.  The following photographs should be acknowledged to Nick Georgano and not RUMCar News:

  • Page 10  AC Acedes
  • Page 61 Triver
  • Page 90 Fuldamobil
  • Page 94 David
  • Page 101 Tippen Delta
  • Page 132 Kapi
  • Page 171 Mymsa Rana
  • Page 173 M.T
  • Page 256 Trimak
  • Page 268 Vernon Invalid Car
  • Page 268 Gordon

Main Acknowledgments

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My apologies go to Chris Thomas of RUMcar News whose name was accidentally omitted from the main acknowledgments section on page 291.


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