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Snoopy - Part 1: November 2009 (Page 1 of 1)

This update should have been in October though as I had pneumonia last month, not a lot got added to the web site. So here is the latest from Pete:

When I last updated you in August I finished by saying that my water pump was leaking, well thanks to Mr Lees at the MOT station I use, he put me in touch with a company called EP Services in Wolverhampton ( ). They reconditioned my old water pump, after I managed to get it off the engine by removing the radiator which was a bit of a pain. EP Services were very quick at doing the job and I had the pump back after a couple of days.
I then refitted the pump, the radiator and all the pipes. With the kind help of my good friend Geoff Payne, we bled the brakes and checked all the lights were working in preparation for Snoopy’s MOT. Dropped it off with John at the MOT station, collected it a few hours later with the happy news that it had passed with no advisories

Next task was to sort the road tax for the car, because I hadn’t received the V5 document from the DVLA I had to drive to their main office near the NEC in Birmingham, about 50 minute drive, followed by a 50 minute wait in a queue, but at least at the end of it I got my lovely tax exempt disc :)

Because BWDY my Reliant Rialto was unwell and off the road I used Snoopy for a few days to get to and from my workplace, which was lovely to drive ,a real pleasure.
Snoopy’ s next big outing was the Tamworth Heritage Day, we trailered her up to Elvis' workplace in Tamworth on the Friday as we had loads of cars to get there on the day and it was a bit far too to drive with the engine not yet run in. I don’t think Snoopy liked being on show though because it played up getting to Tamworth and broke down getting away from there too. It was a great day for me though as it was at the event we made the announcement that Snoopy was back on the road, fully taxed and MOT’d. A big surprise for it previous owner I hope, especially after we spent ages at the 2008 event trying to start the car.

Geoff brought Snoopy back to my house on the Monday, after some investigation have discovered the problem causing its misbehaviour was a blocked carburetor and a broken choke spring, these have since been repaired. Just need to sort a few little things before I can use it again.

Have really enjoyed getting Snoopy back on the road after 21yrs but I do apologize for keeping the completion of the project under wraps until the Tamworth Heritage Day but I wanted it to be a surprise.

Pete. November 2009.

Snoopy’s last tax disc in 1988 and new 2010 tax disc.

New water pump.

Snoopy on display at Tamworth Heritage Weekend.

Snoopy at Regal Close where the old Reliant factory used to stand.

A delighted Terry, when it was announced that the car he used to own has now been put back on the road after 21 years..