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Media Articles.

Tamworth Herald. (Page 26). 17th September 2009.

On 5th September 2009 there was an article in the Tamworth Herald that referenced the Reliant Gathering I was organising in the town square. It read:

One of the main highlights of the day will again be the congregation of dozens of old Reliant vehicles in St Editha's Square.

The gathering has gone from strength to strength over the past four years, with almost 60 cars in attendance in 2008. This year's display is expected to be even more special, with vehicles on show from every decade of Reliant, since the company was founded in 1935.

A 1935 van on show is one of only three known to be in existence, and believed to be the only one still on the road.

Enthusiasts can look at the display of vehicles between 11am and 5pm. All Reliant owners are welcome to take their cars along, and former employees are invited to turn up and share stories.

On 17th September, after the gathering there was a follow up article

Record Reliants display celebrates town’s history.

... Among the highlights of the day was a display of Reliant cars.

Elvis Payne, organiser, said: “In total, there were 81 Reliants on display. This is the largest display of Reliants since Reliant ceased production.

“There were Reliants of all shapes and sizes - both three wheelers and four wheelers - and a Reliant on show for every decade from 1935 - 2002.

“Some Reliant drivers ha travelled from as far away as Plymouth. The display included almost all Reliant models, including a Anadol made for the Turkish market.

“The amount of ex-reliant workers who turned up was amazing. They even included a lady who brought a photo of herself from 1958 when she appeared in some publicity photos featuring a Reliant Regal Mk III.