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Reliant Owners Club.

Reliant rallies from 1957 - 1959.

All images are copyright Derek Reynolds.

My thanks go to Derek (Del) Reynolds for these photos of Reliants at rallies and other places. These photos range from 1957 - 1959. Derek writes:

It has been many years since I last drove in a Reliant. I have driven in every model up to 1966. The last being the Reliant Rebel four wheeler. I started driving Reliants with the Mk1 in 1953. I was the founder and first Chairman of the Reliant Owners Club which started in London at the premises of Glandfield Lawrence, Highbury Corner. At the time I was Sales Manager for this company who were then, the London area distributor for all Reliant products.

As Chairman I was presented with a chrome lapel pin (shown below). This would have been the very first ROC badge to have been produced. The club also had a plastic badge, as a car grill badge.  Incidentally my nick name is Del and I drove a Reliant Van many times, I am also a cockney so many say that 'Only Fools & Horses' was designed after me but I strongly deny this, but love the show

The first ROC badge to have been produced.

Reliants in a line up at the ROC rally in 1957.

A Reliant Regal Mk 1 at the ROC rally at Audely End. (Circa 1957 - 1959).

A lady called Elma with her Reliant at the ROC rally. (Circa 1957 - 1959).

ROC line up. (Circa 1957 - 1959).

Manouverabilty Trials at the 1959 ROC Rally.

ROC picnic at Cheddar Gorge. 1958.

A lady called Jean, having a picnic at the ROC rally. (Circa 1957 - 1959).

Judging the Car of the Day at the ROC rally. (Circa 1957 - 1959).

Resting after a night road rally in 1958.

 Winners of Par de Excellance at the ROC rally. (Circa 1957 - 1959).