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The vehicle 1.

Lucie - December 2008. Part 1 of 1.

Unfortunately apart from the odd spin out, nothing has happened to Lucie this month though I have not got some core plugs as I’ve noticed she is loosing water and the back of the core plug seems damp, even when the car is unused.

During December Lucie was featured in the local newspaper (The Tamworth Herald) and it was amazing how many people were telling various members of my family that they had seen the car in the newspaper, even my sister found out and she lives about 320 miles away in Cornwall. People who then saw the car when I took her for a spin asked me, “Is that the car in the newspaper?” so it seems she has made quite an impact locally.

As she is loosing water though, I don’t want to take her too far so the next thing is to get the core plug replaced.

Elvis Payne.

December 2008

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