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Lucie: The vehicle

July Part 1 of 1

July was another quite month for Luice, mainly because despite being summer there was pretty much torrential rain everyday, things were further compounded when I managed to slip a disc in my back (whilst with my son at nursery of all places) and so I was off work for 2 weeks.  That said at the beginning of the month there was a rare weekend of sunshine and so she enjoyed a blast around Tamworth,

Elvis Payne.

July 2012

Lucie: The vehicle

August  Part 1 of 1

Lucie had an unexpected blip this month when I rolled her out of the garage and she ran for about 10 seconds and then would not start again.  I primed the carburetor but there was no pressure on the primer and she was not making any attempt to fire at all.  After checking for a spark I thought, she’s run out of petrol.  So I jumped into my Jag, visited the local petrol station and filled a can full of fuel.   Once that was poured into Lucie I again began to prime the carburetor and after a few presses the usual pressure was there.  I gave her a tiny bit of choke, turned the ignition key and bingo, she fire up.  Having fuel does help.  So for the first time in ages she went to the local garage and was treated to 10 worth of fuel.  The fuel gauge always reads full, no matter what, so I must look at that one day.  Unlike July, Lucie spent a few weekends pootling around Tamworth.  The insurance was also up this month, hard to believe that I have had her 4 years already and so after a quick call to Peter James insurance to renew the insurance, Lucie remains fully road legal.

Elvis Payne.

August 2012

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Lucie enjoying a rare day of sunshine.

Lucie takes a rare trip to the garage for a fill up.

10 of fuel and raring to go.


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