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Lucie: The vehicle

September Part 1 of 1

Lucie was out and about this month and on the first day of the month I met up with my brother (Geoff) on his 1935 Reliant and with me driving Lucie we went to Tom Williams’ old house in Tamworth.  (Tom Williams being the founder of Reliant).  I had arranged with the owners of the house for us to go down a few months previously and they were most obliging and most interested in the vehicles.  It also gave us the chance to get better photos with Tom’s old house in rather than parking on the main road opposite the house.

The day after Lucie was on show at the 7th Reliant Gathering in Tamworth complete with the rear being full of decorative gardening items to give her more of a gardener’s van look.  There was a lot of interest in her as well and we even met one ex-Reliant employee who started at Reliant in 1961 working on the Mk VI van so chances were that who had been one of the people who originally put Lucie together.  The photo opposite with ex-Reliant employee Marlene Gasking was also shown in the local newspaper, the Tamworth Herald on the 6th September.

Lucie was also due to join the Classic car show in Polesworth (Nr Tamworth) the week after though sadly due to something else cropping up at the last minute I was unable to take her so on the Sunday she enjoyed around Tamworth.  At one stage she caught the attention of a local Police car that turned round and followed us down the road though they soon pulled off again probably after realising that despite the way she looks, she is fully road legal.

Elvis Payne.

September 2012

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Lucie with 35 parked on the driveway of Tom Williams’ old house in Tamworth.

Lucie on show at the 7th Reliant Gathering in Tamworth.

Lucie with ex-Reliant employee Marlene Gaskin who was also the model for the 1955 Reliant Regal Mk III photo (insert).

Lucie with Tamworth Mayor Cllr Tina Clements.


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