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Lucie: The vehicle

March. Part 1 of 1

Apart from a couple of journeys around Tamworth town center, Lucie stayed mostly in the garage this month.  My son (Harvey) turned 1 year old on March 5th and so we took him out for a ride on his 3-wheeler.  He won’t legally be allowed in Lucie for a long time as having no seat belts there is no way to strap a child seat in there - just as well he is happy with his own trike (even though he still cant reach the foot rest or pedals)

I also purchased a stock of old photos, brochures and reviews from an ex-Reliant employee this month though a number of them had a really strong damp odor.  As a result I found a new use for Lucie in spreading out various brochures over it in the garage to get some fresh air to them.

Elvis Payne.

March 2012

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Harvey with his trike and Lucie.

Luice covered in old photos and brochures in an attempt to air them.


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