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Lucie: The vehicle

April  Part 1 of 1

April is the month that the annual MOT test is due and as I had a week off work I booked it for April 17th.  Prior to that I took Lucie for a spin to check everything was OK and cleaned all the spark plugs and topped up the battery.  The back was still full of clutter from the Tamworth Heritage weekend last September so I cleaned all that out and also fixed the driver’s side door strap.  Last September the wind caught the door and wrenched it back pulling the strap out of the door so for a couple of months the door has opened right back onto the front wing.  Luckily the Mk VI has a half moon shaped access panel it the door so I was able to unscrew the cover and screw the door strap back into the wooden frame around the door.

The MOT was booked at 08:30am at S.R.Tomson in Tamworth and I’m glad to say that the vehicle passed with flying colours.  One thing the examiner did point out was that the rubber grommet in the body where furl filler pipe goes into was starting to look a little worn as the rubber is starting to crack with age.  Thankfully I do have one that was made up from Silicone by a chap called Wilfried in Holland so I shall ensure that I get that fitted for my next MOT.  I also noticed that you don’t get MOT certificates now, just a print out advising of a pass on plain paper as everything is computerised now.

After the MOT my wife wanted to go into Birmingham to so a bit of shopping.  I haven’t a clue why women think men enjoy such activity but I took her anyway and was briefly rewarded whilst visiting the newsagent as whilst my wife browsed through various magazines I had a look at the May edition of Practical Classics and spotted a short article about Lucie on page 64.

Elvis Payne.

April 2012

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Driver’s door with the access panel removed so I can screw the door strap (arrowed) back into place.

Lucie being inspected during her annual MOT.

An article on Lucie in the May 2012 edition of Practical Classics magazine.


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