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Lucie: The vehicle

December 2010. Part 1 of 1

As mentioned last month I have moved house now though Lucie is still in a rented garage until I can bring her around to the house. I have handed in my notice on the garage for the end of January so that should push me into getting the new garage cleared for then. Things seem to be flying in all directions at the moment though a this month I also found out that I am going to be a dad.

I was delighted to see a photo of Lucie in the Classic Motor Monthly magazine this month posing with my brother.  My brother mentioned that the magazine came round bright and early before most folks had arrived when we exhibited at the NEC Classic Motor Show last month.

It has been quite a chilly month with temperatures dropping as low as -11 degrees centigrade. I wasn’t too worried about it until I opened a tin of wood preserver a few w week or so later to paint a new shed and there was chunks of ice in it.  I couldn’t believe it as it had been stored in the new garage.  I was then paranoid that Lucie may have frozen up and so charging over to the rented garage, I checked her water ways and all seemed fine.  I started her up and took her for a short drive for a couple of miles and everything warmed up and ran OK.  Once warm her slight cough returned though I did get round to buying a new ignition coil earlier in the month to see if that cures the problem.  The last owner mentioned that he had running problems due to the coil getting too hot and breaking down and so he moved it to the other side of the engine bay. The one fitted works though isn’t the standard one for a Mk VI so logging onto e-bay I managed to get a brand new one, a Lucas LA 12 with a screw in HT lead.  As soon as I can I will get it fitted.

To end the month (and the year) on a high note, on December 30th, Lucie appeared on BBC 1 in a film called “Toast”.  The scene had been cut slightly from what we saw recorded though still last just over 30 seconds.  Lucie looked great on it - ( though I probably am biased) and with the exception of an old Rover that the main character owns, she appeared on screen much longer than a lot of other vehicles in the film. The scene with Lucie can be viewed on YouTube.

Elvis Payne.

December 2010

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Luice and my brother appeared in the December 2010 issue of Classic Motor Monthly.

Graham Hodgeson’s amended caricature of Lucie to reflect her “Toast” paint work.

Driving back into the rented garage still waiting to go to her new home

Lucie on screen in the BBC film “Toast”


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