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Lucie: The vehicle

January 2011. Part 1 of 1

On January 3rd the film “Soul Boy” was released on DVD and so I ordered a copy on-line which came a few days later.  Eagerly I fed it to the DVD player and fast forwarded through the film until I recognised the scene that Lucie was in.  The scene was about half way through and so I stopped forwarding and pressed play - and the scene was over.  During filming the lead actor crosses the road and has a conversation with a chap fixing his mopeds and Lucie is parked to the side.  Sadly the whole lot has ended up on the cutting room floor as in the film the main actor crosses the road and the whole scene is then cut just before the dialogue starts.  Interestingly I did speak to some one else who was involved with the film and he said he was invited to a special preview of it and Lucie did appear in the film.  It makes me wonder therefore if there is a director’s cut and the version that is being sold on DVD.

Also this month the rented council garage that Lucie has been living in for the past couple of years was finally given up and the keys handed back to the council.  Lucie was moved from the rented garage to the garage we now have at home and she must have known as on the way she eagerly sped along. (I captured the occasion on a camera mounted behind the seats and made a little film - be warned, it’s not exciting).  Arriving home, I’m not sure what the neighbors thought when they saw her parked on the driveway but she got a few looks driving down the road.  This means now that all my tool, bits & bobs and Lucie are all in one place rather than being spread across the house, out houses and a rented garage. I didn’t realize that I had so many tools.

Moving everything into the garage and then sorting it all out took a few weekends as there was so much to fit in there  Thankfully storage needs were sorted out buying a nice double door shed from Tiger Sheds for all the gardening stuff and then in the garage, thanks to Practical Classics magazine for a Big Dug workbench. This I won as a result of a star letter that was published last year though until now never had anywhere to assemble it.  Also off the Big Dug web site I bought some racking with each shelf supporting 175kg (28 stone) so it is more than able to support old Reliant engines and gearboxes. We still have more things to do in the house though at least now Lucie is just a few feet away so I can start sorting things out.

Elvis Payne.

January 2011

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Lucie on her way to the new garage. (Click image to play)

Lucie parked outside her new home.


Tucked away for the night.


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