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Lucie: The vehicle

September 2010. Part 1 of 1

Again September was a busy month for me but not so much for Lucie.  September 12th was the 5th Reliant Gathering in Tamworth that my brother and I organised and so Lucie went along.  Usually she runs fine though the day before I took her out for a quick spin and she coughed a couple of times but seemed OK.  On the day of the event I got hr out of the garage and after about half a mile she was coughing and spluttering and felt like she was only running on three cylinders.  Luckily the event was only two miles away from the garage so she made it down town. I quickly checked the obvious things and all seemed OK and she wasn’t loosing water.  I’m wondering whether it could be the coil or one of the HT leads.  After Tamworth she was again chugging along on the way back to the garage though still managing to happily reach 50 mph.  I really must get to having a better look.

This month I also noticed that the film “Soul Boy” has been released.  Back in September 2008 Lucie was used in one of the scenes though given the angle of the camera I think she will only appear for a split second or so in the background.  I shall have to watch the film and find out.

Elvis Payne.

September 2010

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Lucie in St Editha’s Square, Tamworth, next to Old Red, a 1949 Reliant 7cwt.


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