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Lucie: The vehicle

October 2010. Part 1 of 1

Sadly this was another quiet month for Lucie as in addition to packing and waiting to move house (which should have been on 29th October but then was delayed) my PC also caught a virus and died horribly despite having the latest anti-virus definitions installed.  Thankfully after digging through a few boxes the appropriate CDs were found to rebuild it and information restored from last weekend’s backup.

As Lucie has been running a bit rough,  I did get round the garage to clean up the spark plugs, all of which were a bit sooty apart from number 4 that was also a bit oily.  I also checked the points and cleaned the rotor arm which also seemed a bit battle scarred though intact. All the HT leads seemed OK and the spark plug caps were tightly screwed into them.  Priming the fuel pump and turning the key the engine took a couple of attempts to burst into life and then on a run she ran fine for about two miles and then started to cough and splutter a bit.  Hopefully soon we will be moving house and once settled in, work can start on having a better look at her.  At the moment she seems to run fine for journeys up to about 1.5 - 2 miles but any further and she isn’t happy.

For those who are visiting the 2010 Classic Motor Show at the NEC, please stop by and say hello.  You will be able to see Lucie on stand 4C165.

Elvis Payne.

October 2010

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Lucie prior to a spin round the block.


Inside the engine bay.


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