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Lucie: The vehicle

July 2010. Part 1 of 1

Now brandished in her new paintwork the month started with Lucie being in the local newspaper the Tamworth Herald.  They phoned me about the vehicle being used for the BBC film “Toast” and duting the course of the phone call asked me if I saw “Top Gear” on television last week (the episode contain a film about Reliant Robins) as they wondered what my view was.  When I said I was there, the conversation then changed onto that and why I was there which resulted in a large article in the newspapers about “Films and Top Gear”.

The funny thing was that the day after she was in the newspaper I took her down town fo a spin and to get some bits and bobs and people were stopping and taking photographs.   Then the first weekend in July was spent taking the car to the Dosthill Boys Club in Tamworth for their annual fun day and where we have organised a little display of Reliant vehicles each year. On the day Lucie behaved faultlessly driving to the event but driving home the sun was still beating down and at 26 degrees celcius (78.8 degrees farenheit) it seemed to be upsetting her a little and so she started chugging and coughing a bit.

Following that she was then off to the Cars in the Park 2010 classic car show and whilst it was only 8 miles or so from home I toyed with the idea of whether to drive her there or not.  The weather forecast was set for another hot day (It is hot for use folks in the UK anyway) so to be on the safe side I took her over on the trailer behind the Jaguar.  Ironically once unloaded she started up and ran fine though at least I didn’t have to worry about the heat.

This month I also created a new board up about Lucie and now added a photo of her in ”Toast” along with some better fake old tax disc that  made up from images on the Internet rather than the ones that were used during filming. 

My plan is once I get a new house to rebuild the engine so she runs much happier and I nearly did sell the house though this month the buyer dropped out at the last second when it came to the legal stuff so its back on the market again.  Fingers crossed it won’t be on for too long as we have found a house with a garage and space for a nice workshop ... so that will be me happy!

Towards the end of the month I also discovered another Mk VI van.  It is a 1962 model painted bright red and is currently on display in the Grampian Motor Museum in Aberdeen.  Since I have owned Lucie this is the first Mk VI van I have come across so now I know there are definitely two M VI vans that still exist.

Elvis Payne.

July 2010

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Lucie in the Tamworth Herald.

Lucie on display at Dosthill Boys Club in Tamworth.

Lucie on display with Snoopy and New Blue at Cars in the Park 2010 in Lichfield..

Lucie’s new board.


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