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Lucie: The vehicle

June 2010. Part 1 of 1

June saw Lucie go through a bit of a transformation as a few weeks earlier I was approached and asked about having Lucie appear in a new BBC film called “Toast” starring Helena Bonham Carter.  Naturally I jumped at the chance and once it was confirmed Lucie would be used, she needed a new paint job.  The director of the film has specific colours in mind as as I had several cans of beige primer it was decided that I would repaint the car with primer and they would “scragg her up”

So one sunny Sunday afternoon, I went round to the the garage armed with several cans of primer and a couple of hours later the transformation was complete.  It looked as though Lucie had had a long bath.  The wheels however were left as they were as was the odd back door painted in red.  One thing that did shock me was the amount of flaws that appeared in the body.  When she was sprayed up for The Royal the body looked fine though with just a coat of beige primer all the flaws and cracks were apparent (mainly just typical star cracks and crazing found in older fibreglass bodies).

She only stayed clean for a few days though as nothing else was done until the day of the filming and then the BBC attached sign writing to the side reading “Ward & Sons Gardeners Wolverhampton 6228” and applied fake dirt along with bird droppings on the roof and down the side which I thought was a great touch. Seeing Lucie dirty again has made me think that it suits her a lot more as it seems to give her more character.  The dirt the BBC has applied apparently washes off and the sign writing peels off though I am most tempted to keep her this way permanently.

The actual filming was done in Moseley in Birmingham on the 25th June though Lucie was put on the trailer and taken over a few days earlier so that the Art folks had time to do what they wanted with her. On the day she performed faultlessly and it was great to watch the filming process, especially when Lucie is on the set.  As soon as she is onset a lot of the camera crew bring out mobile phones and cameras and start taking photos of her.

More details of the filming with Lucie can be seen here.

Elvis Payne.

June 2010

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Lucie fresh from a coat of beige primer.

Lucie fresh from her BBC makeup.


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