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Lucie: The vehicle

August 2009. Part 1 of 1

As I was in Africa for two weeks nothing really happened to Lucie throughout August.  It’s hard to believe I have had Lucie one year now as it was August 5th 2008 when she arrived.  This month I renewed the insurance with P.F.Spare and would have like to have taken her to the Lupin Farm classic car show though sadly that was on the same day we arrived home from Africa.

That said, the last weekend in August was a bank holiday and so I went around the garage to clean the spark plugs.  Spark plugs 1 and 2 were quite dark suggesting the mixture is too rich though spark plugs 3 and 4 seemed fine.  After cleaning the plugs she seemed much happier though getting the tick over right when she approaches a red light takes some doing as it tends to be a dance between the brake to slow the car down and the accelerator to keep the revs up.   I can adjust the tick over speed though on a warm day it seems to race again and needs slowing down ... then it is as she is now, in needing a couple of revs to keep her ticking over.

I did give the engine a bit of a clean and it came up surprisingly well.  When I paint the car, I will also paint parts of the engine with high temperature paint.  After a clean up and doing the spark plugs I took her for a 5 - 6 mile spin around Tamworth and she ran great.  It is always funny watching people’s reactions as she goes by as with her TV make up she barely looks road worthy.

The fire extinguisher has been rolling around the back for the last couple of months in its box so finally it is now screwed in place behind one of the wooden door post on the passenger side.

Elvis Payne

August 2009

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Lucie parked outside my house - which is still for sale!!


Cleaner engine!

Fire extinguisher now fixed in position.


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