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Lucie: The vehicle

September 2009. Part 1 of 1

September saw another fairly quiet month for Lucie though on the 13th I did drive her into Tamworth for the Tamworth Heritage weekend and the 4th Reliant Gathering that I have organised.  Lucie was on display for the day along with 80 other Reliants of all shapes and sizes.  During the day I got to meet a lady who used to make the body panels for Lucie and indeed another who used to make the seats.

After the display it was an enjoyable drive for a  couple of miles back to the garage and sadly she sat there for the rest of the month.

Whilst physically, Lucie was in the garage she did appear on TV in Denmark.  I am informed that the whole of series 8 of  “The Royal” was shown and that Lucie appears in the very last episode of the series and on screen looked very old and dilapidated indeed - exactly how she was intended to look .  In the UK, three episodes of Series 8 were shown a few weeks ago and then it was stopped again with no mention of when the rest of the series will be shown.

In addition to the TV, Lucie also turned up in a pub.  I went into town to the new Lloyds Bar, The Silk Kite, and on the wall are three large photo frames one of which contains a photo of Lucie.

Elvis Payne

September 2009

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Lucie on display at the Tamworth Heritage weekend 2009 next to the sign from the old Reliant building with St Editha’s church in the background.

Photo of Lucie (bottom left) now on display in the Lloyds Bar - The Silk Kite, in Tamworth..


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