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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 009

My thanks go to Andy Saunders for allowing me to use these photos of his 3-wheeler project; "The Saline Warrior".

The vehicle was designed and built in two days for the BBC TV programme "Panic Mechanics". Designed by Andy Saunders and built by Andy Saunders and Jim Chalmers, a 1989 Reliant Rialto was rebuilt in the style of of a Bonneville Salt Lake Race Car.

The Reliant had a 6 inch roof chop and was the nose was lengthened by 20 inches with the additional of dorsal fins added to the roof. Inside the vehicle has an extensive roll cage with half bucket seats.

The standard 848cc Reliant engine was turbo charged by "Turbo Technics" which on the day of filming the Saline Warrior took the fastest time for a quarter of a mile in 16.397 with a top speed of 85.71 mph. (Similar to a Ford Cosworth Sierra)

Despite these modifications the vehicle is still road worthy.  More details about it and Andy's other cars can be seen at: