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Bike Trike Gallery

It was hoped that this space would be used as a gallery for Trikes, ATV's and PPV's. Sadly though moving into Trikes as well opens up a whole new ball game that would push my resources to the limit. There are people out there who have great web sites that cover Trikes, ATV's and PPV's and so I shall stick to 3-wheeled cars and vans. After all, why re-invent the wheel when someone has already done it?

If you are into Trikes, ATV's or PPV's here are a few great sites you may find interesting - and a few of them do have Galleries where you can add your trike.  Of course - I hope will remain on your browsing list.

Below are a number of links to other sites that do cover these areas but my main links section does also cover links to trike manufacturers as well as 3-wheeled cars.




Flying Trikes

The Trike Register

Brothers of the Third Wheel Trikers

BBD's Motorcycle Links

A huge site dedicated to ATV's

A large site dedicated to 3-wheeled ATV's

ATV Connection Magazine

Electrilite: A 3-wheeled Pedal Car

TerraTrike - pedal powered trike

Recumbent Trikes, Canada

Airlite Carbon Trike

Who said 3-wheelers couldn't fly?

For 3-wheeled car links go to the main Links section of this site.