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Tamworth Heritage Weekend, Tamworth, Staffs. UK. 13th September 2009.

Set 9: 81 - Misc.

Reliant No 81 should be a photo of a 1976 Reliant Scimitar GTE though sadly somehow this escaped without being photographed.

Sheila and Kevin Thompson’s “Sleeping Reliant”.

Matt Greenly’s GTT - Grand Touring Trailer.

Lucie in front of the Reliant sign off the old Reliant building in front of St. Editha’s church.

Pete and Dee Gnosill made a cake for Geoff as it was Old Red’s 60th birthday.

Organisers for the event, from left to right, Elvis Payne, Caroline Stokes, Pete Gnosill, Dee Gnosill, Dave Poole and Geoff Payne.

Historic line up of vehicles through the decades: 

1930s - 1960s.

Historic line up of vehicles through the decades: 

1970s - 2000s.

Geoff (left) and myself had Richard Prosser the trophy for Car of the Day.

The no expense spared (almost) trophy for Tamworth Car of the Day 2009.

At the event a lady called Winifred Mortimer (nee Perkins) brought along a well known publicity photo from 1958 in which she was the model with the car.

Winifred in 1958 at Drayton Manor with a Reliant Regal Mk III.

The commemorative plaque (This year sponsored by Castle Hill Garage) given to every one who came along in a Reliant.