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Tamworth Herald. (Page 29 September 6th 2007)

The story had a slight mistake in that the FW9 is a 4-wheeler and not a 3-wheeler. This was the article:

Elvis’s rare Reliant will be a star heritage day exibit.
By Laura Vickers.

A Rare prototype of a Reliant three-wheeler car designed in the 70s, then quickly abandoned, will be on show in the town this weekend.

Life-long Reliant fan and Tamworth resident Elvis Payne has summoned fellow Reliant enthusiasts to exhibit their vehicles as part of this weekend's Heritage Open Day on Sunday.

Vehicles on show outside the Tourist Information Centre will range from a 1949 Reliant 8cwt to a 2000 Reliant Robin. But the prototype of the FW9 Reliant is expected to steal the show.

"For many people who worked at Reliant in the 1970s this will be the first time they will have seen this design for a very long time," said Mr Payne, who bought his first Reliant for £365 during his student days.

The Heritage Open Day is a free event providing a chance for residents and visitors to appreciate the historic buildings and rich heritage Tamworth has to offer.

There will be a wide range of activities to celebrate the day throughout the borough.

"Our town has many hidden treasures and we are pleased to be taking part in such a unique national event, last year's was such a success that we would be crazy to not do it again," said Councillor Robert Pritchard.

Tamworth Castle, St Editha's Parish Church, Middleton Hall and Thomas Guys Almshouses will all be opening their doors at various times on Sunday.

There will also be a sword fighting display by the Gaunt's Retinue Western martial arts group. Bus rides will be available from the town to Middleton Hall on a Midland Red bus, tickets are available from the Tamworth Information Centre.

For more information contact the centre on 01827 709 581 or visit