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Harley Davidson

Founded in 1903 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, Harley Davidson were well established as motorcycle manufacturers when they produced their first 3-wheeler ; The Servi-car in 1932.  The Servi-car ws built during the great depression and by building a delivery vehicle, Harley Davidson hoped to increase its product line up to increase sales.  Initially it was powered by a 45 cubic inch flathead used in the  1932-1936 R model motorcycle and then in in 1937 was changed to the engine from the W model.

The vehicle was popular with Police Departments and as a utility vehicle for small businesses with several models available that had different combinations of boxes and tow bar. (The tow bar was attached so that the vehicle could be towed behind a car and delivered to the customer).  The Servi-car also had a rear axle with a track of 42 inches (110cm) so that on rough roads it could use the same tracks made by 4-wheelers.

The Servi-car went through a number of changes to improve the design, one of which was an electric starter in 1964 making it the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle to receive an electric starter before production of the Servi-car ceased in 1973.

Engines from Harley Davidsons were also used to power a number of 3-wheelers ranging from small delivery type trucks to golf carts. Harley Davidson also acquired the Aermacchi 3-wheeler in 1960.

1933 Servi-car.

1967 Harley Davidson. (My thanks to “Dale” for sending this picture seen on e-bay)

Harley Davidson Elvis Presley

1967 Harley Davidson Golf cart owned by Elvis Presley for getting around the grounds at Gracelands. (Photo from Live Auctioneers web site)

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