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Designed and built by Captain Raymond Flower for the Meadow Engine Manufacturers, Wolverhampton (UK) the first 3-wheeled Frisky appeared in 1959. The original prototype had been designed by the Italian designer; Giovanni Michelotti, and was based on a  gullwing coupe.  With a more conventional body this appeared as the Frisky Sport, a 4-wheeler, in 1957. The 1959 Frisky Family Three vehicle was powered by a 197cc Villiers 9E 2-stroke engine which was located at the rear of the vehicle driving the rear single wheel. The engine was uprated in 1960 when the Frisky Family Three Mk2 model was introduced and had a choice of a Villiers 197cc or an Excelsior twin-cylinder 244cc engine.

Both models featured a glass-fibre body mounted on to a tubular steel chassis.  The paint work on the Frisky always created a big impression as after removing the glass-fibre body from the mould, it was weathered and any tiny flaws were filled and rubbed down and an undercoat would then be applied.  This layer was heat dried and after more rubbing down the top coat was applied resulting in a very high gloss finish. The doors on the Frisky opened from the front of the body and being wider than usual helped access in to and out of the vehicle, this combined with 12 volt electric’s, good performance and generous room in the front of the car made the Frisky Family Three very popular.  In 1966 the engine was uprated again to 325cc in the Frisky Prince which was produced in very limited numbers. Frisky ceased production in 1967.

The 1959 Frisky Family Three

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