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The Doran was designed by Rick G Doran in the 1980’s (USA) who spent 6 years developing, refining and testing the design.  Unlike many self build 3-wheelers the Doran can be either an electric car powered by an electric engine or a petrol version that uses an 1800cc engine from a 1980 - 1989 Subaru Hatchback.  In addition to the Subaru engine on the petrol versions both also utilise the entire drive train from the Subaru and both versions also include the 5 speed manual gear box.  Further more due to the centre of gravity the Doran has an overturn resistance that is equal to that of the Honda Civic.

The electric version uses deep discharge 12V batteries to power its engine and a transistor chopper for smooth speed control.  This gives the Doran a range of approximately 60 miles before the vehicle needs to be recharged.  (This can be done over night)

Whilst the Electric version will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10.9 seconds.(max speed 80 mph) the petrol version will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in  8.7 seconds. (max speed 125 mph).  The body of the Doran has a backbone frame that runs down the centre of the vehicle and is made from a fibreglass / urethane foam composite that houses a two seater cabin. The body is first of all built from foam and then fiberglassed over to create a strong rigid body. Plans for the Doran are sold by Robert Q.Riley Enterprises.

The Doran. (This was a vehicle spotted by Rick Doran on ebay.)

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