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Cushman was founded in 1901 in Nebraska (USA) as a 2-stroke engine manufacturer making engines for fishing boats. In 1936 the company became The Cushman Motor Works and began to manufacture a lightweight 3-wheeled van.  Variations of the van have progressed over the years with most of them being used in airports, factories and as US Mail vans.

Since the 1970’s the New York Police Department (NYPD) have been using the Cushman.  They are mainly used by officers who are on foot patrol as the Cushman aids to move quickly around the state and helps them to cover greater distances.

Originally, the Cushman had 2 wheels at the front and was powered by a 4hp (2 speed) engine that drove the single rear wheel and a load capacity of 415lbs.  The configuration was then changed for a single wheel at the front which allowed for a larger 18hp engine which gave an average top speed of around 35mph and increased the load capacity to 2000lbs. Cushmans are currently still in production.

The Cushman - “NYPD” style. (Photo taken whilst on a visit to New York in 2005)

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