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The CityEl was first manufactured in Denmark 1987 under the name of “Mini-el” until 1992. At the time the vehicle had the same body, but a weaker motor (750W) and more primitive electronics.  The company (Eltrans A/S) went bankrupt in 1988, but came back in 1989 under the name of Eltrans af 1989 A/S. At this point they started manufacturing the mini-el City, which is more or
less identical to the present City-el. The company went bankrupt again and the machines were sold to Sweden, where they gathered dust for a couple of years until a company in Germany bought them and started their production in 1995.  The CityEl is powered by a 2.5Kw electric engine that has a range of 70 - 90 Km.  There are two models, the Town centre L Basic and the Town Centre L TargaFun that features a detachable top. (A Cabrio model was also produced but is no longer manufactured)  The body of the vehicle is made of plastic whilst the whole top half is hinged to allow access to both the front and back seats.

The CityEl (My thanks to Erben Thomas for this photo)

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