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The BubblePuppy (or “Welpe Luft-Blassen”) was first created during World War II by Count S. von Teleki who was a Nazi scientist conscripted by the American Military to work in New Mexico. Count Teleki however disappeared without trace and so nobody knew what the BubblePuppy was designed to do.  The vehicle was lost for a number of years until being discovered in an old crate in Alamogordo, New Mexico during the 1980’s.  The Count’s grandson got to hear of the discovery and claimed the vehicle as his rightful property and hired a moving company to transport it from New Mexico to Long Beach, California telling the drivers that it was a sculpture. 

The pictures opposite were taken by Ace Scott King outside a film studio in Denver, Colorado.  Sculptor and Film maker, Sean Guerroro heard about the discovery of the BubblePuppy and visited the people who discovered it.  The level of secrecy was so high that he was unable to see the vehicle or copy the blueprints but was given a quick glance.  From this glance Guerroro built his own BubblePuppy for the 2002 film “BubblePuppy”.   The new vehicle has been aged to give it the appearance of being in storage for 50 years and whilst the machine is as accurate as possible the cockpit is sheer fantasy as no plans of this were seen.  The film traces the BubblePuppy;s creation and discovery in addition to recreating its secret journey.

To date the location of the Count’s grandson and the BubbyPuppy are unknown and so the vehicle is once again “lost”.

In 2014 the inclusion of this vehicle into the Webmaster’s book, “The A-Z of Three-Wheelers” caused a scathing review by the Automobile magazine for quoting this vehicle as a fact when they declared that it is actually a myth,


The BubblePuppy.  (My thanks to Ace Scott King for sending in these photos.). 

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